The Best Mouthguard for Snoring Reviews

You’ve heard everyone in the house complain about your snoring. Heck, it even wakes YOU up at times. You’ve been to the doctor and nothing short of surgery will help your problem. You and your family are at the end of your rope. What can you do if surgery isn’t an option?

Devices such as an over the counter mouth guard for snoring offer an affordable solution to your problem. You can purchase these on your own, without a prescription from a doctor. These are something definitely worth trying, but with all the products out there-  what do you spend your hard earned money on?

In this post, I review the top 3 devices that help with this ailment. (Please note that these mouth guards are NOT for the treatment of sleep apnea, which is a condition requiring medical treatment.) However, first let’s talk a little about what that lovely sound you make while sleeping is all about.anti-snoring mouth guard

What is snoring?

Snoring is usually attributed to blockage or partial blockage of the airway just beyond the tongue. When we are awake and upright, our breathing is typically unobstructed or unblocked. When we are asleep, the muscles surrounding the airway relax, which causing narrowing of the airway. When air passes through this narrowed channel, the soft tissue vibrates and causes the lovely sound that we label “snoring”.


Not all snoring is the same. People differ in the way that they snore. Taking a look at this can provide some insight into the causes of your problem.

  • Closed-mouth type may indicate a problem with the position of your tongue while sleeping.
  • Open-mouth type may be related to the tissue in your throat.
  • Snoring when only positioned on your back – this may indicate mild problems that a simple change in sleeping position may help with.
  • Snoring in all sleep positions can indicate something more problematic and may require a more comprehensive treatment approach, such as a sleep study conducted by a physician.

How do you treat it?

Lifestyle changes– Sometimes lifestyle changes can greatly reduce or even eliminate it. These changes include losing weight, exercising, quitting smoking, and avoiding alcohol. Additionally, avoiding use of sedatives and sleeping pills can help as both relax the muscles around the throat during sleep, which contribute to snoring.

Changing sleeping positions– The position that you sleep in effects snoring as well. Lying on your back can push your tongue towards the back of your throat, which causes snoring. Try sleeping on your side instead. Find it difficult to sleep on your side? Try positioning a tennis ball on your back. You can do so by sewing a sock into the back of you pajamas then inserting the tennis ball into the sock. Trust me, you won’t be lying on your back with a tennis ball in the way!

Open your nasal passages– You may want to try a hot shower before bed or a netti pot to help open your nasal passages. Nasal strips and nasal decongestants can also be helpful.

Mouth guards also offer big help with snoring. I review the top 3 on the market below…

The Best Rated Mouthguard for Snoring Reviews

#3 SnoreMeds Mouthpiece

snoremeds_logo_sm_1404204869__03834At around $40, the SnoreMeds Mouthpiece is both one of the most effective and reasonably priced mouth pieces on the market.  Manufactured using a hypoallergenic thermoplastic material, this mouthpiece makes great use of ‘boil and bite’ technology to shape it to the mouth. The SnoreMeds Mouthpiece works by holding the jaw slightly forward when you sleep. This hold the tissue in place that, when loose, contributes to snoring. It’s by far among the best anti-snoring solutions for people whose problem originates from incorrect jaw positioning. Earning bonus points in my books is the use latex and BPA-free plastics; an FDA approved material.

#2 The Good Morning Snore Solutiongood-morning-snore-solution-review-3

The Good Morning Snore Solution is another great anti-snore mouthpiece. The mechanism of action is different from the aforementioned SnoreMeds Mouthpiece. Rather than hold the jaw forward, this device works by holding the tongue in place. This prevents it from slipping back while sleeping and causing that annoying sound we call ‘snoring’. So, if you’re not comfortable wearing a mouth piece, you may want to try the Good Morning Snore Solution as a first line treatment.

Get more info on this product here.

#1 Zyppahzyppah-product-image-diagram

The Zyppah is my absolute favorite mouth piece on the market. It targets snoring using two mechanisms of action. It basically combines the two ways of preventing snoring mentioned above into one product. The tongue strap holds the tongue in place. The MAD holds the jaw forward and in place. This product has helped me the most and, if you’re going to invest money in a product, I’d recommend you try this first and foremost.

To buy Zyppah or to simply learn more information. Click here.