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zyppah reviews“Honey, your snoring kept me awake again…” This is what I kept hearing from my poor wife over and over again, until one day she finally told me that we needed to sleep in separate rooms. This was a tough decision for both of us, and it broke my heart to go to another room. I really valued sleeping in the same bed. Isn’t that what married people are supposed to do? My loud night time noises was causing tension in the marriage. I had to find a solution.



I spent a lot of money on various contraptions and pills to help me stop the night time symphony coming from my mouth, but only one truly relieved my symptoms- Zyppah.

I wrote this critique because it truly worked for me. I also wanted to save my fellow snorers the headache of wasting time and money on other products. So, let’s get to my Zyppah review….

What is Zyppah?

First, I’m sure you’re dying to know how to even pronounce “Zyppah.” You say it like “ZEE PAH.” However, the unusual name’s not the only thing that stands out. The snore guard has two components of action- 1. A tongue stabilizing strap, referred to by company as “revolutionary z-flex technology”.  It holds the tongue gently in place, which prevents it from falling back into your throat when sleeping.  2. The jaw adjuster that pushes and holds the jaw in a forward position. This helps tighten the tissue around the neck and jaw. When this tissue is loose, it tends to vibrate when sleeping and contributes to snoring.



This product was developed by an expert in the dentistry field, Dr. Greenburg. He has 5 centers across the state of California that focus on treatment of sleep apnea and snoring and has 30+ years of professional experience. All in all, this guy certainly knows what he’s doing.

How does Zypah work?

This product uses both an elastic band and mandibular advancement feature.  The elastic band helps keep the tongue from blocking your airway when you sleep, which is a major cause. The mandibular advancement helps tighten and stabilize the muscles at the back of the throat. This powerful combination is how this product works.

My Experience

Now that you know what the mouth piece is and how it works, let me tell you about my personal experience using this product. When it arrived (just 3 days after ordering online), it came in stellar packaging  along with some easy to read instructions. This all took about 5 minutes to go over. I was then ready to fit the device in  my mouth. You do this by placing it in hot water, letting it cool slightly, and then fitting it in your mouth where you then bite down for one minute. This contours the piece to your mouth. You then place the device in cold water. When it cools, it retains the shape of your mouth. This was all pretty easy and took 5 minutes or less. This is a one time thing. I  do want to emphasize that you want to do this initial process correctly because I’m not certain you do re-do this if you mess up.


The first night of using the mouth piece I admit I was a bit intimidated. I wasn’t used to having something in my mouth while I slept and wasn’t sure I could tolerate it. While it took some time getting used to, I eventually was able to  sleep with  it (and still do) without any discomfort. In fact, I think it helps me with clenching my jaw at night too. Apparently, I grind my teeth at night, so this is great for that too. An added bonus! The first few nights were tough, but I knew the results made it worth it. It didn’t cause me to gag or feel like I was choking. I could breathe freely without any issues. It just felt like something was in my mouth and I wasn’t used to that. Now I am and wearing it is like second nature. I put it on every night and barely notice it’s there. It’s fairly slim feeling. I don’t think “oh gosh, I have a bunch of plastic in my mouth!”

The results

I know what you really wanna know is – Does this contraption really work?  Let me cut to the chase. YES, it did work for me and continues to do so. I no longer have a problem and,best of all, my wife and I can now sleep in the same bed! Both my wife and I whole heartedly endorse this product.



  • This device uses two proven mechanisms of action to target snoring- a strap to stabilize the tongue and a jaw adjuster.
  • Comfort- it’s smaller and lighter than the other mouth pieces I tried. Feels light, not bulky.
  • 90-day money back guarantee.


  • Takes a little getting used to. You may experience some tenderness and difficulty sleeping initially as you get used to the device. This goes away fairly quickly, and you’ll experience this with any device you try.
  • You can’t adjust the jaw advancement feature. However, this wasn’t an issue for me at all.
  • The initially fitting can be a bit tricky, but once you get it right totally worth it. Fitting it is a one time only process.

I hope this is one of the reviews that have helped you make an informed choice about this product! In summary, I have to say that I totally recommend the Rx mouth piece. It has been a miracle for me, and my poor wife doesn’t have to put up with my snoring anymore! It’s not only improved how I sleep, but how she sleeps. It’s helped our marriage, as oddly as that sounds.

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